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The London Chamber of Commerce’s visit to China – Day 1

The London Chamber of Commerce is currently participating in a trip to China in order to facilitate and create economic opportunities for its members and the broader business community in London.  This will be achieved by building upon the relationships established by CSTAR in China and creating new relationships with stakeholders in the private sector and with the London Chambers of Commerce.

The economic opportunities of primary interest include: the export of goods and services from London based companies to China; foreign direct investment from Chinese companies in the life sciences sector and other sectors where London offers a comparative advantage over competing jurisdictions; and the creation of strategic collaborations between private to private sector stakeholders and between private to public sector stakeholders.

Chamber president, Joaquim Balles arrived in China on November 21st 2011 and will be providing members with updates through this blog.

Board President, Joaquim Balles reports on first day of China Mission with City and CSTAR

China / Chongqing:

It was a long trip – over 24 hours before we got to our destination.  It’s a fascinating City with lots of development in progress.  We met with the Jinshan Group of Companies today and had an opportunity to meet certain officials from the hospital and discuss with Jinshan next steps with regard to several relationships.  As you know, the Chair of the Jinshan Group is the Chair of the Private Enterprise Association in Chongqing (aka Chamber). 

We were told tonight that CSTAR, the City and the Chamber are each expected to enter into an MOU.  The MOUs will be signed at City Hall with full press coverage.  This is moving at a rapid clip.  I will send the MOU tomorrow.  We have had some discussions on how we could structure an ongoing relationship.  Establishing an Asian Business Opportunities Committee would be very well received.  Lily Wang has offered to head this off for the Chamber with several other key Asian contacts in the City.  We would limit this to China / Chongqing for now.  In April they will want to have further discussions and updates on each Chamber’s progress along with meetings with private sector companies on both ends.  They are looking at setting up a similar committee on their end focused on Ontario, in particular Southwestern Ontario / London.

I expect to have the MOU out to you by sometime tomorrow (Monday).  We are meeting tomorrow with senior dignitaries from Government (Mayor and senior City Officials), leadership from the CCPIT (International Trade), and Board of Director members of the Private Enterprise Association along with a number of private sector business members.  We will each (CSTAR / Mayor / Chamber) be putting on a presentation.  The agenda for both Chongqing and Chengdu are filled with meetings with key stakeholders.  I will fill you in on the details later.

We were also told today that Jinshan was approached by the Mayor of Vancouver and the University of British Columbia after reading about Jinshan’s visit to London.  They recently traveled to Chongqing to visit with Jinshan.  They are apparently planning a full stakeholder visit for next May 2012. 


Chongqing – a city of 32 million people

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