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Day 4 – From Chongqing to Chengdu

We met with the West China Hospital and Sichuan University this morning. These are the two entities that CSTAR and the University have established a relationship with.  Our visit was very well received. The WCH is the largest hospital in the World with 5,000 + beds and has been ranked the no. 2 hospital in China.  The WCH and the University   have been consistently ranked in the top 10 in the country with regard to research and academic excellence.  With regard to certain programs it has been ranked as high as no. 3 in the country.  There are a number of foreign multinational companies that have established relationships with the WCH and its many research laboratories and institutes.  The WCH is also looking to better capture IP development and exploitation relating to its research activities.  The morning part of today’s agenda was primarily directed at showing support for CSTAR’s initiatives with WCH and Sichuan University. We accomplished that goal and our visit was seen as a commitment to further strengthen the CSTAR relationship and willingness to expand it to other stakeholders.  The WCH has partnered with various other foreign countries and stakeholders.

In the afternoon the Mayor, the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs of the City of London, Vice Chair of Trudell and I met with senior officials (i.e. the President (Chair) , General Manager, International Manager and senior management of certain companies) at the Sichuan Chamber of Commerce.   They asked that we send them a Cooperation Agreement for their review.  The Canadian Trade Commissioner apprised us that this Chamber had expressed an interest to him to partner with a Canadian Chamber of Commerce and strongly recommended that we send a cooperation agreement to them.   Their Chamber concentrates solely on companies that are focused on international trade (i.e. import and/or export).  Their membership is in the 10,000 member range.  They have partnered with Chambers in Belgium, Taiwan, Korea, Poland, Germany, Britain, Hungary and Mexico.  These partnerships involve facilitating the matching of companies, dissemination of information regarding how to import products / services in China etc…  We met with a few of their members who are involved in facilitating the import of products into China and they passed on valuable information on the process that applies to medical devices.  Chengdu is another high growth area with areas of focus in the manufacturing, ICT and medical device fields. Many companies in this Chamber have experienced growth rates of 30% in the past year. They are turning their eyes to the international arena and more particularly now to North America.  So the timing is good.  The fact that the Mayor was with us was very well received and seen as a clear sign of commitment to partner.  They organized a signing ceremony for the Cooperation Agreement.  The Mayor will be signing a cooperation agreement on Saturday with the City of Chengdu.

Earlier this week (i.e. Tuesday) we meet with senior officials at the Chongqing Science and Technology Council, senior management at a generics pharmaceutical company, senior management at a wind power equipment manufacturer and with officials at Chongqing’s Children’s Hospital (ranked no. 3 in the country).  The meeting at the S & T Council brought home that China is focused on becoming an innovation driven economy by 2020 and that they appreciate the importance of intellectual property.  Research carried out by the Council has resulted in 12,000 + patents in the past 5 years.  A significant portion of the R & D is done in collaboration with foreign partners.  The Council has representative offices in certain countries, such as the U.S. No representative office in Canada…yet.  The wind power company we visited is looking to open a plant in North America.  They have established a representative office in Detroit and the President told me that he is very interested in investigating the possibility of opening a plant in Ontario. 

 On Wednesday we visited the largest hospital in Chongqing and then made our way to the signing ceremony at City Hall.  


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