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Team London’s Chamber Rep Signs International Agreement

Chengdu, China:      Team London’s trip to China has resulted in a formal expansion of international relations for the city’s Chamber of Commerce. Following a meeting and presentations with the Sichuan Chamber of Commerce , Joaquim Balles, President of the London Chamber of Commerce was invited to sign a Friendly Cooperation Agreement as a first step towards establishing a framework between the two Chambers.  This agreement will facilitate Export and Import among members and investments in each City.  A formal signing ceremony followed with Mayor Fontana witnessing the signatures of the respective Chamber representatives. 

“The signing today opens the door to another important collaboration with a Chinese Chamber located in the fastest growing region in China. The cooperation will benefit our respective members and business community at large by facilitating international trade with China and leading to greater investment in both Cities.” said Joaquim Balles, President of the London Chamber of Commerce.

Mayor Fontana continues to be extremely pleased with the outcomes of Team London’s trip to date.  The Mayor believes the opportunities are extensive.  He says, “There are more than 10 thousand companies looking to access Canadian NAFTA markets.  London is now poised to offer these companies the best opportunities to succeed by locating in London – where we have the geography – skilled workers and competitive advantages – agreement for numerous opportunities to create jobs and assessment for the city.”

The Sichuan Chamber’s membership is open only to companies that are involved in international trade – export / import.  They have a membership of about 10,000 companies and have established a relationship with Chambers in Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Korea, Poland, Mexico, Hungary, and Taiwan. One of their primary objectives is to encourage collaboration between their member companies and member companies in other countries in order to facilitate international trade.  They have developed a process with their existing international Chamber partners to match Chinese companies with foreign companies and to communicate valuable information on topics such as how to do business in China.

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