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Day 5 – Meetings on November 25th

We met with several high level officials yesterday (Friday) from the Chengdu government, including the Standing Committee Member of CPC Chengdu Committee (just below the Mayor and a direct appointment of the Beijing Central Government), Director of the Chengdu Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), Vice Director of the Chengdu Investment promotion Commission, Vice Director of the Chengdu Municipal Affairs Office, Vice Director of the Chengdu Expo Bureau, Deputy Inspector, Chengdu Public Health Bureau.  We also toured and met with the heads of various complexes in the High Tech Zone, including Health City and the Tianfu Life Science Park.  The Chengdu High Tech Zone ranks fourth among the 55 high tech zones in China.  The Tianfu Life Science Park serves as the city’s financial, trade, scientific and technological centre.  Chengdu is home to nearly 400 biomedical enterprises. Chengdu’s pharmaceutical and manufacturing industry’s gross annual output ranks first in West China.  The Chengdu area boasts 42 general colleges and universities and more than 1,000 scientific research institutes. Chengdu has the world’s largest clinical education centre, which is certified by the American College of Surgeons in Asia. The Tianfu Life Science Park is fast becoming a leading innovation and incubator center for biomedical R & D and serves as a platform for the cooperation between international medical / clinical institutions.  Clearly, Chengdu like London has as one of its primary focus areas healthcare and life science. There are definitely opportunities for collaboration and investment in both Cities  by resident companies.  R & D is a clear focus and they are much more attuned to the importance of IP, in particular patent protection.

In my discussions with the CCPIT, they indicated they are very interested in creating a bridge with London through the Chamber.  They want to send us a an agreement for us to consider in this regard.  MOUs are seen as an essential first step to demonstrate that there is true commitment in creating a relationship and cooperation.  After our meeting and brief presentations on London, the CCPIT apprised me that they plan to send a delegation to London in November of next year.  We have to make sure that we maintain the momentum on building this relationship. 

I am leaving later today for Canada.  This has been an eye opening trip.  There is no doubt that China will be an innovation driven economy within the next ten years. World leading research and development is already taking place here and this will increase dramatically over the next decade.  I believe our members will benefit from the relationships we have been able to establish and those that will be established during our CEOs trip in April and thereafter.  These relationships will facilitate company matching, the communication of key information on the Chinese market, key contact points etc….


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